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Complete Deck Restoration Solutions. Deck Cleaning, Deck Sealing/Staining, and Deck Repair. Serving Paradise, Chico, Magalia, and surrounding areas of Butte County, as well as Durham CA. 

 Your deck restoration specialist that can handle major repairs or anything in between.

We have been cleaning and maintaining decks since 1995 and know the industry inside and out. Providing very advanced cleaning methods in addition to damage free Pressure Washing and Soft Washing. Speedy-Clean employs effective methods to kill mold, mildew and their spores. In the same vein we provide quality deck repairs as well, solving many deck problems for our Customers. 

Providing Solutions

Whether you simply need deck maintenance or complete deck restoration, we are here to help you. Let us perform a free evaluation of your deck to determine  your exact needs. As a result we will provide a solution that beautifies your deck, and as a result promotes piece of mind.

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We show up on time and get the job done right, the first time.

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Deck Restoration Solutions. All types of Deck Repairs in addition to Deck Staining / Sealing. SPEEDY-CLEAN Painting & Pressure Washing. In business since 1995.

Deck cleaning

Deck Cleaning is very important maintenance. We apply wood detergents that are designed for deck and fence cleaning. This process brightens the deck and removes dead wood fibers and oxidized stains and sealers. We are very experienced in using pressure washers and soft wash equipment. Most importantly this safely cleans the deck very well and efficiently.  Debris trapped  between deck boards is washed out, greatly decreasing the start of dry rot.  People are amazed at how much better their deck looks as a result of the cleaning.

Deck washed by SPEEDY-CLEAN Painting & Pressure Washing
Decks Stained

Chemical Stripping of Decks

Chemical stripping is an option when the existing stains and sealers on the deck are built up or over applied. Subsequently the old stain not only looks bad, but in addition will prevent the new deck stain / sealer from penetrating the woods surface. We can chemically strip and pressure wash the deck. During this process a neutralizer is  applied to return the wood back to its natural PH level. 

Deck Sanding

 Decks are sanded when chemical stripping is not an option or does not remove enough of the old stain. Damage caused by furniture, animals, or  pressure washing done by inexperienced hands is also sanded. We use filters and vacuum sanders to minimize dust when sanding decks. To sum it up; people are amazed with what we can do with their decks.

Deck Sealing/Staining

Quality materials make a big difference. Likewise, in most cases we use  oil base materials for staining and sealing decks. Semi transparent oil allows you to see and enjoy the natural beauty and wood grain of your deck. It also rejuvenates  the wood and protects it from the elements.  A semi solid, and solid opaque oil is available for a darker look to hide imperfections or previous dark stains. While most manufacturers have turned to water base only products, Armstrong  is still producing a high quality oil base stain.

If you  want a solid paint look without wood grain showing through the finish, there are water based products available.  We can assist you in making the right choice for your deck. Water based stains and sealers are improving as VOC laws get stiffer.  Oil based sealers are heading toward extinction. However, we still recommend an oil base sealer, which contrary to popular belief are still available, and legal in California.

SPEEDY-CLEAN Painting & Pressure Washing
Deck Repair by SPEEDY-CLEAN Painitng & Pressure Washing
Deck Repair by SPEEDY-CLEAN Painitng & Pressure Washing

Quality Deck Repairs

If you have  boards that need to be replaced, Dry Rot or problems with rails or steps; we are your solution. We also do extensive deck restoration and  Deck Repairs to structural beams, including  complete replacement of support beams and legs. We use quality lumber and materials, and know how to get the job done right the first time. All deck repairs are completed safely and in accordance with current code . 

 Our deck maintenance and staining / sealing service is designed to keep you from needing our deck repair service.  However, if you  already  need  major deck repair work; you will be in good hands by hiring SPEEDY-CLEAN.  We provide an honest and reliable evaluation of your deck. You will always be advised when you are better off getting a new deck if it's past the point of deck restoration.  We can restore large sections of your deck when it's a likely solution to save you money over buying a new deck.

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