Why does House Painting seem so Expensive ?

A house in Chico, CA painted by SPEEDY-CLEAN Painting & Pressure Washing

This is a fair question that I get asked from time to time. It almost seems like there are as many variables  attributing to the price  as there are colors to choose from. For the sake of this article we will focus on just two; the cost of Labor and Paint. We will address the latter first.

The Cost of Paint

If you haven’t priced a gallon of paint recently, you may be surprised if not shocked   how much it  cost. You may also be surprised as to the amount of paint needed to properly paint your house.  If your Painting Contractor is providing a two coat application, it will require even more paint. The list price of a quality paint at Sherwin Williams for example is $75.00 – $100.00 per gallon. Granted they do have sales, and your Painting Contractor should have a significant discount, and not mark up your price. As of 2024 the price of paint has increased 30% or more in the last three years. The bottom line; paint is very expensive.

The Cost of Labor

Labor cost are very high and continue to rise as well. One key aspect to a quality House Painting or Commercial Painting job is always preparation. Good preparation prior to paint application is very labor intensive and will increase job cost significantly. In addition to the labor cost; a licensed Painting Contractor pays for Liability Insurance, Disability Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, and Employee Tax.  Again; the bottom line here is that Labor is also very expensive and contributes heavily to the price of House Painting.

In Conclusion

Hopefully I’ve managed to shed some light on just two reasons why it may seem to be  so expensive to have your house painted. The good news is that if you live in Chico CA, Paradise CA, Magalia CA, Durham CA or surrounding areas of Butte County CA, you can simply hire SPEEDY-CLEAN Painting and Pressure Washing. We will paint your house  right the first time! You will get quality House Painting that will look beautiful and hold up well. Have your House Painted, Feel Better!

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