Choosing the Right Painting Contractor

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Unless you have been referred to a Painting Contractor, you most likely will do a Google search for “House Painter near me” etc., hoping to find the best fit for your project. In this article we will cover several factors that will help make your decision easier. Some of  these ideas you may not have given much thought.

What is it you’re looking for?

When you need painting done at your home or business it’s important to know exactly what you want.  Know what you are looking for from the Painting Contractor you will hire. Is it the best price, highest quality, maybe somewhere in the middle? Also, what is the best price? Is it the lowest price, or is it a fair price for a high quality paint job? The lowest price may not be the best paint job and the best paint job may not be the lowest price. A paint job priced higher than the lowest price may last longer, actually making it a lower price in the long run.

While no one wants to pay more than they have to, it is important to get a quality paint job that will  last. You want to make sure you get what you pay for, Check out any Painting Contractor you may hire. There are most likely several Painting Contractors near you to choose from. It may be a good idea to get three estimates and ask several questions.

Painting Contractors Credentials

All Contractors should have the following:

  • CA State Contractors license
  • City Business License
  • Liability Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Bond
  • Taxes paid on Employees
  • Unemployment / Disability Insurance paid on Employees

It’s a fairly long list. Some of the Painting Contractors you interview may not have all of the above state requirements in place.  You can check the status of a CA Contractor’s License at the Contractors State License Board. Assuming their license checks out , you will still want to ensure they provide quality work and service!

Time in Business and Company Reviews

Check how long the Painting Contractor has been in business and read their reviews. Doing so may reveal a lot about what you can expect from the Painting Contractor. Doing your due diligence here can save you some grief, promote a smooth transaction and a good experience!

Pre-Paint Preparation

It is often said that a quality paint job is 90% preparation and 10% application. Thorough preparation is essential but not all companies provide the same level of prep work. Talk to any Painting Contractor you may hire and find out what their preparation process will entail for your project. Also, find out what quality materials are to be used. The best paint in the world is useless if it’s applied to a surface that hasn’t been properly prepared for painting.

An example of Exterior House Painting Preparation

An exterior house painting job By SPEEDY-CLEAN Painting & Pressure Washing always starts with a thorough pressure washing. We use detergents to kill and remove mold or mildew and the spores they can leave behind. It also helps with removing any dirt, grime, and flaking or peeling paint as well. As an added bonus for the Customer; we remove and clean the window screens as well as brush clean the windows!

Loose, peeling, or flaking paint is scraped and sanded for a smooth appearance and to promote a long lasting paint job. Any dry rot areas are then repaired and primed. A generous amount of caulk is applied to seams, trim, and other areas as needed to help seal the house from the elements. We also use the caulk in areas that will simply improve the appearance of the finished product. We spend a lot of time and effort in the preparation process and make sure the job is done right, the first time!

Masking and drop cloths are used to protect the areas around the house that shouldn’t be receiving paint. There are several other parts of the preparation process going on as well, but this gives you a general idea of what you can expect if you decide to hire us.

Quality of Paint and Materials Used

The quality (as well as the amount) of paint and other materials used is also very important.  However, it won’t make any difference if the preparation isn’t done properly.  It’s also important to note that all the quality paint manufacturers make a lower priced lower quality contractor grade paint as well. As a result, they will carry a line of paint for the Contractors who won’t pay for quality materials. To clarify; you need to buy the paint from a quality manufacturer,  also need to assure it’s actually quality paint. It needs to be their high end or “top shelf” paint. Consequently, if it’s not; the paint will not hold up as well or look as good as it should.

Your Painting Contractor needs to have a good discount with a  name brand manufacturer and purchase their high end paint. For example, a Sherwin-Williams store as a manufacturer. SuperPaint and Duration are high end lines of paint, therefore producing quality results on interior and exterior painting. A urethane paint, such as Emerald for example, will produce excellent results on doors and trim if properly applied. Likewise, the amount of paint used is also important. We always apply two coats of paint as well as a generous amount of caulk.

Make it Easy on Yourself!

If you want a quality paint job from a company you can trust contact SPEEDY-CLEAN Painting & Pressure Washing today! We have been in business for over 29 years and get the job done right the first time. We service Chico, Paradise, Magalia, and surrounding areas of Butte County, as well as Durham CA. Check out our reviews from Happy Customers.

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